Pinkydints jewellery

It’s been a good week for me and my jewellery, so much so, i think it’s going to take a while for the skin to grow back on my thumb from all the polishing I have done. I’ve had two commissions and I am very pleased with the results, so let me share them with you.

Name tags silver necklaceThe first was for a grandma, it’s 4 small tags each one with the name of one of her grandchildren. The tags are arranged in groups of two one for each of the two families. They’re mounted on jump rings which allow the  necklace to spin round and show off the name of each grandchild, well I couldn’t have arranged it to make it look like she had favourites. It will be on its way back to Oz shortly, I hope she likes it.

Heart fingerprint necklaceMy second commission second was a fingerprint necklace for a lady with two beautiful boys. She chose two different shapes, a heart and a small flower, the two work beautifully together. I have also attached a pair of beads. The first bead is a pearl, a sign of wisdom, I also used an amethyst coloured bead which is the boy’s birthstones. I have engraved their names and ages on the back. I hope she’ll treasure it for ever.

Tracy x


5 thoughts on “Pinkydints jewellery

  1. Absolutely gorgeous – such individual and thoughtful designs. Where are you selling them and how would someone go about commissioning something?

  2. I absolutely love the necklace you have made for me and constantly get comments about them. It’s beautiful, unique and to me, priceless…

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