Pandora charmsI love my Pandora bracelet, I love how individual it is and I love the charms I have to mark special events that have happened over the past few years. However, one thing I have never found are any nice letter charms, I wanted to have the children’s initials, they do them, but I just not that keen on them, so in true Tracy style I thought I’d make my own.
T Charm

This one’s for a friend. What do you think?

Tracy x

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10 thoughts on “Charmed

    • I bought the ring, so they fit well. You don’t need to order one though, you’re the friend. T is for Theo, hoping to send it back with Andrew when we see him next week, thinking it’s small enough for him to manage. x

  1. Hellooooo, lost the link with ur response Tracy so writing it here instead . Thank u soooooo much. I love it and can t wait to have it on my pandora bracelet . Makes it even more special that it s handmade and one of a kind. Love it !

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