Lego men wax crayons

My little boy will be 3 soon and I am going to make him a Lego themed cake, whilst looking for cake designs I found many other Lego ideas, it got me thinking about lots of other things I could make. So here’s my first, Lego men wax crayons to use as party favours. This is a great way of reusing all those old bits of crayons you find around the house, simply melt and reuse.

Lego crayons

Lego man mouldI bought this Lego man mould from eBay, you can get them from lots of other sites including Lego themselves. In Dubai (I’m not there at the moment so I can’t hunt for stockist) I know Lakeland do some Lego products and Virgin do all sorts of things like this so is worth a try.

I bought a huge pack of cheap wax crayons and took all the broken crayons for the bottom of my handbag, you know the ones you get in packs of 3 from restaurants to keep your kids quiet. I broke them up and placed them in the mould, each man takes 1 full crayon but it won’t all fit in in one go, once they are part melted you can add the rest of the crayon.

Making Lego men was crayons

I then placed them in the oven for around 10mins at 150. Once melted I left them to cool slightly and then put them in the freezer to speed things up. I made sure sure the crayons were completely cooled before removing them from the mould, at first I broke off a few heads because they were slightly warm.

Making Lego men wax crayons

I may have been the cheep crayons that I bought but I noticed that the colour separates from the wax slighty making a white covering on the back of the men that looks like lard. I shaved this off with a knife but I don’t suppose it really matters.

That’s it, cool Lego men crayons, I’ve made about 50 so far and could do with a few more batches, it’s quite rewarding peeling them from the mould so I don’t mind. You could use any mould you like, it certainly gives all these broken wax crayons a new lease of life.

Be prepared for Lego overload as I continue making things for his birthday, there’s no stopping me now.. I’m next thinking Lego men Jellybabies.

Tracy x

Lego men wax crayons


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