Carrier bag tidy

We have carrier bags everywhere, in drawers, under the sink and in our carrier bag holder, the one I bought in Dubai which cost me a fortune and hardly fits any bag in it. So, I decide to make my own, my Grandma has been making them for years so she showed me how and if I can do it believe me anyone can, if you have a sewing machine and a tea towel you’re half way there.

Make your own carrier bag holder

What you need

  • Tea towel – The teal towels to this are key, they’re the right size, the right shape and already have the seams done and you can get some amazing designs.
  • Approx 20cm of elastic
  • Pins
  • Approx 50cm of ribbon or cord

What to do

  1. Fold the short edge of the tea towel back about an inch back onto the reverse side of the towel, pin and sew the length of the pins, do the same on the opposite side
  2. Fold the tea towel in half  and pin the long side so the reverse of the tea towel  is on the outside.
  3. Sew the length of the towel leaving about an inch at each end.
  4. Thread a length of elastic about the width of the folded towel through one of the end channels. Attaching a safety pin to the end of the elastic will make threading easier.
  5. Tie the elastic and move the knot into the channel.
  6. Sew up the inch gap.
  7. Thread ribbon or cord through the channel at the other end, again using a safety pin will help.
  8. Tie in a not.
  9. Turn the back the right way round.
  10. Hang up and fill the top with bags and when required pull them from the bottom.

Make your own carrier bag dispencer

Tracy x


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