Tea towel draw-string pump bag

Can you believe this cute draw-sting pump bag started life as a tea towel (or viskestykke)?  After making my carrier bag tidy from a tea towel I though why not a pump bag? After all, the tea towels are so pretty, great quality, the right size and all the seams have been sewn for me. So, apart from sewing a few straight lines, all I have to do is make it look pretty and lets face it, that’s the best bit.

Home made personalised bag

These are the instructions to make a replica of the one I made but you can use your imagination to make whatever you like. You could use these bags for laundry, story bags anything you like.

What you’ll need

  • 1 tea towel
  • A second tea towel (that’s what I used) or contrasting fabric
  • Wonder web
  • Ribbon

What you need to do

To decorate it

  1. Fold your tea towel in half, use this as a guide for size to create a heart shape. I used the reverse side of another tea towel and created the heart by folding the tea towel in half and cutting out half the heart then opening it out to reveal a perfectly symmetrical heart.
  2. You can then pin this to what will be the front half of your bag, however it makes the entire job easier if you use Wonder web, you know the stuff you iron on to hem trousers, as the heart is less likely to move when sewing .
  3. Then get sewing, I started by using a zigzag stitch and followed the line as best I could. I then used a running stitch to do a few more heart outlines but I was much more free allowing the stitches to run on and off the heart.
  4. I added a much smaller heart to the bag using the same principle.
  5. I drew the ‘M’ on the reverse side of my additional tea towel, I actually used strips of sellotape to create the shape, this make sure it was uniform and symmetrical, I then cut it out.
  6. Once again I used Wonder web to attach the letter to the heart.
  7. I then repeated the stitching round the edge.
  8. I also added a couple of buttons, one at the back and a couple at the front.

To make the bag

  1. Pin the top of the bag down about 1 inch onto what will become inside of the bag (the top is the full long length at the top).
  2. Sew the entire length of the top making a channel, this is where you’ll put your string. Don’t forget to do some over stitching at each end for strength.
  3. Turn the bag inside out, pin the remaining two side.
  4. Sew across the remaining two sides but leave about a couple of centimeters at the top to ensure you can thread your string through the channel you created.
  5. Turn the bag back to the right side.
  6. Add a safety pin to the end of your ribbon or string and thread through the channel, then tie in a knot.Voila!

Here are the main steps

Make a pump bag from rea towel

Tracy x


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