Lego Party – Favours

I’ve spent hours searching the web looking for original ideas for Lego party favours, I found loads of great ideas including baby jars turned into Lego heads, wonderful gift bags turned into blocks. In the end I chose to make these fantastic Lego brick gift boxes made by Delia creates. Delia made these fab boxes for her own son’s Lego birthday and now offers them as free printables via her lovely blog.

Lego party favours

Lego party favours box

All you’ll need to make these Lego boxes are:

Coloured card, I found this the hardest thing to find here in Dubai, I was looking for packs of A4 card but couldn’t find any so I bought large sheets from Borders. I managed to get 6 boxes out of each sheet. You’ll also need a printer, scissors and glue. Then simply, print, cut and glue, Delia has done all the hard work for you. I also lined my boxed with bright contrasting tissue paper which kept the treats under wraps.


In the favours box I put a couple of small packets of sweets, the Lego figure crayons that I made last month and either a Lego brick magnet, Lego brick key ring or ring. I would like to have put more in but as I was using H’s Lego it seamed a little unfair to take too much and my goodness, Lego is expensive here.


I bought the magnetic strips for the Lego brick magnets in the UK but I have seen them here at Wasco Trading, I simply cut to size, peeled off the backing and stuck the strip directly to the blocks. Here they are below.

Lego magnets

Key chains

I already had the actual keyring chains but you can get similar in Dubai from Dragonmart, you can also get the ring blanks which I used to make the rings for the girls from Dragonmart. I used a small hand drill to put a hole in the the top of the brick and then added it to the keychain.

Lego block key chain


For the girls I bought some ring blanks, (you can get similar from Dragonmart) with a hot glue gun I stuck on a square Lego block. I hope they like them.

Lego ring

So that my first Lego installment, the first part of the Lego Lunch as I am now calling it finished. Just food and decorations to go.

Tracy x

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