Lego party food

The Lego party food was great fun to make and went down well with all our guests, both young and old(er).

Lego party food

Lego head pops

Lego head pops

These Lego pops were the star of the party and went within minutes. They’re made from a single small and large marshmallow skewered onto a cake pop stick, which I bought from Travola. I then covered them in melted Wilton Candy Melts, I bought them in the UK but you could cover the marshmallows in white chocolate if you can’t get hold of these. I have read that you can colour chocolate as long as you don’t use a water based colourant. I then drew on a selection of faces using a black Dr Oetker icing writer.

To get the shape right cut a small marshmallow in half and using the sticky insides stick it to the top and bottom of a large one.

Marshmallow Lego head


Lego cupcakes

The moulds I used to make the Lego crayons really came in use again for these cupcakes. I made chocolate and candy melt Lego men which I stuck onto the top of piped butter icing. I also made some narrow Lego brick moulds using silicon moulding compound to make coloured Lego bricks which I also stuck onto piped icing.

I printed out 4 Lego heads which I stuck onto the top of the cake stand just in case anyone wasn’t sure that this was a Lego themed lunch.


Lego head straw toppers

I started turned the kids drink cartons into Lego bricks but my husband commented I might be taking things a little far (really?) so instead I quickly made these straw toppers. You can find the printables for these at Pumpkin Patch.

Chocolate bricks on a stick

Chocolate Lego bricks

These were made from moulds I bought on ebay, I simply melted down chocolate bars and poured  into the mold. Instead of sticks I used plastic spoons as handles.

Lego cheese and crackers

Lego party food

We cut slices of cheese into circles and placed them on small crackers to make Lego styled cheese ‘n’ crackers.

Have a look at our picture gallery on Facebook we have lots more photos. Enjoy! Tracy x

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