The quickest cupcake decoration ever

Today I made some very quick and easy cupcakes. If you don’t have the time, the patience or the desire to spend ages decorating cupcakes but you’d still like to create something effective. The why not try topping them with something you can buy or already having lying around.

Ok so I made the hearts for the black cupcakes, just simple hearts cut from royal icing, sprayed silver and dusted with glitter, something for the girls. But the spiders are the real winners here and my faves. I bought the cupcakes, covered them in tube icing which I bought from Carrefour and placed a big horrible plastic spider on top. You obviously need to make sure whatever you put on top will not be mistakenly swallowed.

These cupcakes took me about 5 mins to make and they’re completely unique and the best bit of all? There was no cleaning up to do! Now you can’t argue with that.

Tracy x



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