An easy cake anyone can decorate

Don’t you just love this cake? I made this lovely sweetie cake for my husband’s birthday with a lot of help from the kids. I love the fact it was so easy to decorate and yet it’s so effective, so bright, so colourful and so tasty, there is something for everyone on this cake.

Easy to decorate cake

How to make this cake

I made a simple jam sponge cake with the help of the kids, I used this recipe from the BBC website. I then covered the top of the cake with Betty Crocker vanilla frosting, (cheating I know but there was enough mess to clean up already). Then for the fun bit, decorating the top in all my husband’s favourite sweets.

I took the children to Candilicious in Dubai Mall for all the goodies, my daughter found the letter jelly sweets and came up with the idea of putting his name on the top, OK so you need a short name or a very large cake for this to work but it would be great for Mum or Dad. I took control of the decorating as I thought the kids might eat more than they put on the cake but it’s a great easy way to get the kids involved.

The cake tasted great and once it was finished we still had all the sweets to eat. A great cake for any sweet tooth, cake loving, child or adult.

Tracy x


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