Counting days until Christmas

November is coming to an end, that means Christmas is behind the corner. It´s about time to get the advent calendar ready! I´ve been looking into how to make my calendar this year and found many great ideas that I want to share with you.

1. The tree

I love this idea of a proper present every day in December. More information on how it´s done you can find here.

2. The gift bags

Isn´t this the perfect advent calendar to make when you don´t have much time? Get some cute giftbags and labes, then all you need to do is to put something in, put on a number and hang them up. Couldn´t be easier! (Picture from Better Homes & Gardens)

3. The classic one

This kind of calendar will always wake up good memories from my childhood. Just found this website in Sweden that have a great selection of calendar like this. You are probably running to late to make it for this December, but it´s time to get started for next year!

4. The boxes of activities

These boxes are filled with list of activities to do in December.
(Picture from

5. The string of gifts

This traditional advent calendar is from Martha Stewart.

6. The shelfs

These shelfs can be bought in IKEA. Use it for your advent calendar in December and display your books for the rest of the year. (Picture from

7. The wooden boxes

Instructions on how to make this one you can find here.

Find more ideas for your advent calendar on our Pinterest board

Hope you got inspired to make your own calendar this year!



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