Orange and clove pomanders

This time each year I make these wonderful orange and clove pomanders that fill the house with Christmas scent. They look great sat in a decorative bowl or hung with ribbons but this year I added tea lights to make a beautiful Christmas candle centre piece.

Orange and clove pomanders

What you need to do

There are lots of instruction on the web about how to make these, most over complicate the process, the easiest way is to simply press cloves into the orange skin creating a pattern. To demonstrate how easy this is to do Madeline (aged 5) made the central pomander. You could also add decorative ribbon to match you Christmas colour theme.

To make a pomander candle holder, create a flat surface on the bottom of the orange by slicing a section off. Then cut a hole in the top of the orange the same size as the tea light.

These are a great last minute Christmas craft and they’ll last through to the new year.

Merry Christmas everyone,

Tracy x



One thought on “Orange and clove pomanders

  1. I used to own this domain name- was using it to sell AZ handicraft and art, now defunct. I am happy you have made something new and delightful with it!

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