About Made in the desert ♥

Made in the desert is made by four women, living in Dubai, coming from three different countries – England, Denmark and Iceland. We all share the same passion for creativity and enjoying our lifestyle. We are all different, but at the same time we are the same when it comes to joggling the many roles in our life.

Made in the desert is about the beautiful things in our life, what we love to do and the things that inspire us. We hope to get you inspired too! Thank you for visiting our blog. It would be nice to meet you but at least we can introduce ourselves.

Made in the desert are:

Made in the desert


Arna - Made in the desert
Hi, I´m Arna and I´m from Iceland. I moved to Dubai in November 2010. Before, we lived in Germany and Iceland. And even before that, I finished my study in Denmark. So… we have been moving around for the last years.

My background is in business where my main focus was on marketing and branding. I´ve always been interested in the creative side of business where new projects come alive and when starting new projects I always get excited.

My two kids keep me busy every day. Hekla is my girl and Birnir is my boy. We spend a lot of time together and luckily they are very good friends. As much as I love to spend time with my kids and my husband I really, really need to have my own things to work on. To get this balance, I work on my projects from home where I design and make scarves and bracelets. I enjoy going around Dubai, looking for fabrics and beads to use for my design.  Not to mention the time when I can sit alone, listen to music and work on my projects. That’s what I call my quality time!

I love to make tasty food and cakes in my kitchen. You will benefit from that by following our blog, I promise you, I will be posting some great recipes and party ideas that you can´t resist!!!


Carina - Made in the desertHi, I am Carina.  Before 14 Feb. 2011, I lived in Denmark. Now I am in Dubai, and I  love  it. I have made many great friends, and despite different culture and life style I feel this has been a “soft landing” for me, and my family.

So I am a mom and full time housewife. I just got used to the phrase.  I used to work 15 years in the aviation industry. Now I have found other things to do in between the washing, cleaning and being a mom. I have re-discovered my passion for painting. I work with acrylic paint, but I’m flirting with oil… I find my inspiration in the nature, in colors and shapes or when I see something I like.

Yep I’m a mom – with a big M. I have 2 children with Carsten. Silje is 6 and she is so funny. Anders my oldest at 8 he is the Lego-builder no.1. Together they are the best friends (most of the time)

I would like to inspire you with my painting. Things I do with my children when we are avoiding the heat outside. I’m also going to write a little about gardening in Dubai, and my experience with the greenery.


Tracy - Made in the desertHello, I’m Tracy. I’m from the UK but have now been living in Dubai for nearly two years (wow how times flies) and so far I have loved every minute of it here.

In the UK I worked as a web designer specialising in accessibility and usability, now after a two year break here I am actually using the web for my own purposes, something up until now I had managed to avoid.

With more time on my hands, all be it most of it taken up with my two young children Madeline and Harvey (Wallbanger and bang walls he does), I am constantly up to something, cake decorating (which was unheard of before arriving here), general crafts both for the home and with the kids and homemaking, turning a large empty villa into a cosy home. Also since January I have been making jewelry from silver clay and selling it when I can. All of which I intend to share via this blog.

So follow us and enjoy, life in the desert isn’t all sand and camels and the city isn’t all gel nails and ‘doing lunch’ (well yes, there is quite a bit of that actually). x




11 thoughts on “About Made in the desert ♥

  1. Great site! I am loving all the ideas and look forward to reading more. I am not particularly great with coming up with ideas for crafts so I shall just pinch yours instead 😀

  2. I’m really proud of you girls – its a stunning blog! Good luck and I will be following your blog!
    Love Karin xxx

  3. well done ladies!!! i like preparing cakes for kids and friends so i’m looking forward to read your nice recepies!!! amazinggggggg!!!
    good luck!!!

  4. Very nice blog! I’m looking forward to my trip to Dubai in February and visiting the Satwa and textile souk! What kind of price range should I expect for fabric? Thanks, Sheri

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